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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment methods

Online payment can be made with your personal or company card, under full safety conditions. Cards accepted for payment are those issued under the VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD logos (including Maestro, if they have a CVV2/CVC2 code).

No additional transaction fees are charged.

Card data processing is done exclusively on PlatiOnline servers. Security of your information is guaranteed by the fact that PlatiOnline does not store your confidential card data, but sends it encrypted over a secure connection to the processing bank. This way your information is safe.

Regardless of the currency you have in your account, transactions are made in lei, at the exchange rate of your bank.


How the donation will appear on your bank statement

For card payment, the transaction will appear on the account statement with the name [arboricupovesti]


What does the beech adoption donation prove?

The adoption certificate is proof that you have adopted a tree from the Forest of Immortal Tales.

If you choose not to leave your story to be placed on the tree, after payment within 24 hours you will receive by email an adoption certificate with your name, the number of the chosen beech tree and its GPS coordinates.

Those who opt to have their story placed on the adopted tree, in the form of a QR code on a plate, will receive the certificate in maximum 3 weeks.


How long is the donation valid?

Your donation contributes to the enhancement of the area, protection of beech trees and the development of a visitor infrastructure friendly with the nature of the area. The donation is valid for 7 years, and we will return in later stages with new mechanisms to stay close to the project and the beech trees.


How can you contact us?

The project “Padurea Poveștilor Nemuritoare” and the website is the property of Nucsoara Town Hall.


Nucșoara Town Hall,

Fiscal data: CUI 4469442

Address: Nucșoara, Elisabeta Rizea Street, No. 38, Jud. Arges

Bank account: RO35TREZ04821300250XXXXX

E-mail: (response time max. one working day)