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The "Forest of Immortal Stories" is an initiative of the Nucșoara commune, carried out with the support of the Foundation Conservation Carpathia, and was born from the desire to protect some of the oldest and most spectacular beech trees in Europe. We don't live long enough to tell our tale, but these centuries-old beech trees are almost immortal. They can do it for us, if we adopt them and thus help the area develop and be included in a tourist circuit.

Anyone can adopt a centuries-old beech tree, choosing it from the map of the area or searching for a favourite number, for a fee of 700 lei. If you want your beech tree to tell you its story, write it in 200 words in the dedicated form. The story will be edited, audio recorded, and placed on a QR code tag on the tree of your choice within one month. The project allows you to also adopt a beech tree without leaving a story.

Adopt a tree and help the Forest of Immortal Tales take root!

What happens to tree donations?

Nucșoara commune manages all the donations that will be collected through this centuries-old beech conservation project.

Donors can adopt a centuries-old tree for the sum of 700 lei for a period of 7 years.

Donations collected will be used for:

  • Protecting ancient trees and this natural area for future generations.
  • Development of tourist facilities by setting up a minimum infrastructure for visiting such as signs, paths, quiet and observation areas.
  • Permanent maintenance of areas with centuries-old trees through specific activities such as cleaning the area to ensure safe conditions during visiting, maintaining sustainable grazing, maintaining existing and future infrastructure such as access roads, paths, tree markings, signs, quiet and relaxation areas.
  • Administration of this website, after the first year since its launch.

Why should the trees in Nucșoara be protected?

According to our analyses so far, Nucșoara is the area with the highest concentration of solitary centuries-old beech trees scattered on wooded pastures in Romania.

We estimate that at the present time their total number exceeds 5000 trees, of which, so far, we have managed to register 2544 trees, most of them beech (Fagus sylvatica).

This high concentration of solitary centuries-old beeches is unique not only in Romania, but also at the European level, probably even at the global level.

Our project ensures the conservation of these trees and their recognition locally, nationally and internationally.